About Coach Ted

Who Am I?I24A1882A

My name is Ted Behr, AKA Coach Ted.  I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with specialized training in ADD/ADHD coaching. I have been coaching people in creating lives of uncommon success, passion and purpose for 19 years.

What Do I Do?

I help adults with ADHD whose lives are a constant struggle.  I help them gain clarity and order in their lives.

What Makes Me a Successful ADHD Coach?

First and foremost is my experience as someone with ADHD.  I am familiar with the challenges and the delights that ADHD brings.  I have struggled with getting distracted, being disorganized, being forgetful, staying focused among other things.  And I don’t struggle so much anymore because I have found some solutions that work for me.  I also treasure my ability to connect with people, my sensitivity and my intuition.

I am a powerful teacher with rich depths of wisdom and compassion.  I am also highly entertaining and straightforward, idealistic and practical.  I apply my intelligence, wit and wisdom to energize and inspire the experienced, intelligent professionals I serve.

By creating a safe space where my clients feel comfortable making candid disclosures, I help them see the mazes they get stuck in – and how to get out.  I help my clients sort, structure and re-frame their perspectives, gain new insights and formulate effective action plans so that they can achieve their goals and create the life that they want and deserve.

What is My Approach?

Christopher Morley wrote, “There is only one success…to be able to spend your life in your own way.”

That quote frames both my professional and personal life experience. My goal is your success in creating the life that you truly want to be living. To support you in that process, I use everything I have learned in my years of life experience as a man, as a manager, as a community leader, as a person in recovery, and as a spiritual seeker. I combine my results-oriented, active, planning skills with my relational, compassionate, caring, listening, and intuitive skills to help you achieve the results that you want in your life.

Professional Credentials:

M. Ed. in Organization Development and Training
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation

How To Connect With Me (It’s easy)?

It is my sincere hope that you find the information on my site useful, and I look forward to your questions and comments via my Contact page.  Or if you are active on any of the social networks, please click the icons below to connect with me that way too!

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