When I started working with Coach Ted, I was struggling with overwhelm and difficulty maintaining focus. I was looking for more structure and tools. In the time I spent in coaching with Ted, I have put some concrete plans into place and I have a weekly system that allows me to break things into smaller steps.

I found Ted to be patient, kind, funny, and compassionate. He really knows his stuff.   I really appreciate his vulnerability and the fact that he is both kind and held me accountable. I want others to know that it really is possible to get a handle on the things that feel so big and overwhelming.
 – Aki R., Parent Coach, San Francisco, CA

I started working with Coach Ted largely because of struggles with money and career that were rooted in low self-confidence. Also, it was strongly suggested to me by a therapist that I might have ADD, but I was never officially tested or diagnosed. I was curious to explore it, to find out if there were ways it might be impacting me, or holding me back, that I might not have realized. I wanted to know what Ted knew and see how I could apply his knowledge to make my life even greater.

Throughout my coaching Ted has had a way of discovering what is underlying different issues that I bring up, like how my anger toward my mom is impacting me in my current living and working situations. He asked me if I had forgiven her. I had not yet… When I did, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. There was so much more space and freedom to be myself. Ted is supportive, insightful, and constructive and for that I am very grateful.

I like that I can be honest with Ted, that I feel safe with him. Working with him feels like a partnership, a collaboration. I bring whatever is going on for me and what I know and he adds what he knows or what he has questions about. Together we create a plan to create a desired change or handle a situation and he holds me accountable. The accountability has been really valuable!

Ted is very patient and also persistent. He always desires to understand where I am coming from and has a way of delving deep to uncover what is at the root of an issue. He has an abundant supply of tools and strategies for creating change and he is very knowledgeable about the work that he does.

I would want anyone thinking of working with Coach Ted to know that whatever they are struggling with, does not need to stay that way. That there are strategies, different perspectives, or ways of dealing with things that in working with Ted can be different.
 – Adelle King, Preschool Teacher and Transformational Consciousness Facilitator, San Francisco, CA

Seven months ago, when I started coaching with Ted, I was in a difficult place in my life. I was confused and very scared about the future, feeling that harmony and joyful feelings were very hard to access.

From the very beginning Ted has been immensely honest, open minded, and wise…he can find the way to look at every single thing from many different perspectives. He can always guide me to find the positive in what I feel was something negative, find the calm in things I find overwhelming. He has taught me that in every experience in life there is a learning lesson and room for improvement.

One of the things I really love about the coaching sessions is that they really challenge me to think about me and my actions, my compromises to myself, ask questions that I would never bother asking about my life otherwise…

In seven months I have started a new job that brings immense joy to my heart. My husband and I have purchased and moved into a new home. I have learned a lot about myself.

Working with Ted has been a wonderful journey, a journey that always brings a new insight, a new tool, a new beginning. He has changed my life…I have been able to smile to a sunny day and see the beauty in a clear drop of water. I have been able to feel and experience real joy, and move forward, instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed.
 – D.D. Ph.D., Scientist, West Roxbury, MA

When I started working with Coach Ted, I was quite disorganized.  I am a high school teacher and because of my ADD, I was always rushing to get papers back to my students in a timely fashion and lost whole weekends in a frenzy to get my grades in on time.  My mail was in a big a pile leading me to pay bills late and incur late charges.

I can assure anyone that Ted’s system works.  Now I get my papers back and grades in on time (or early).  I pay my bills on time, I have been spending many hours on my art, and my mother is a happy camper because the DR table is clear.  I’m simply not the same person I was a year ago.  Then I was at the mercy of my ADHD symptoms and now I’m empowered.

Coach Ted is amazing, funny and brilliant! In fact, magical!  He is exceptionally smart, focused and has an uncanny ability to establish the trust needed to make it possible for me to be honest – the honesty required to improve.

Working with Coach Ted has been a pivotal moment in my life. I am not the same person I was before working with him. Friends, colleagues and family have commented on the changes they’ve noticed. I am more optimistic, focused on my own life and possibilities rather than drifting back to my indelible past. I’ve calmed down, I’m more approachable, more fun to be with, and even compliant. I am no longer blocked by perfectionism.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is stuck or wants to make a change in their life and needs support and guidance.
 – Martha M., Educator, Somerville, MA

I sought a coach to help me with my lifelong disorganization and attention deficit problems.  Any accomplishment in my life has required terribly exhausting and prolonged hounding and often self-inflicted urgency because of how difficult it is for me to stay focused on one task.  I continually get distracted by everything and anything that is not directly involved in doing the task itself.  Ted was recommended by a friend who’d been a client of his, and Ted and I have worked together in very practical and respectful ways.

I’m particularly grateful for Ted’s broad knowledge of how to organize one’s life.  He has helped reduce my feelings of overwhelm by having me stay focused on smaller chunks rather than trying to take on everything at once.  Ted has been invaluable, patient and resourceful.  I’ve made a lot of progress with Ted and look forward to more success in the future.  I highly recommend Ted as a personal as well as organizational coach.
– Dr. John B., Clinical Psychologist

I started working with Ted because I was starting a coaching business and knew nothing about how to marketing, sales or how to build my business.  I significantly increased my number of clients and income during the time we worked together.  Ted is knowledgeable, quick-witted, focused, and very patient.  There were times when I was so confused, I could have pulled my hair out, and Ted’s patient support and gentle but pointed motivators were a huge help.  I am more confident that I can actually make a living at something I enjoy.

One thing I was not expecting from the coaching process was getting permission to not be perfect.  Perfectionism in my case used to lead to procrastination and anxiety, and now I am both more productive and calmer.  Ted knows his stuff!  I had no clue about sales cycles, marketing, approaching and landing clients when I started, and I am now using all that I learned to continue building my business.  Thanks, Ted
– Dumont Owen, Certified Career Management Coach, Cleveland, OH

When I started coaching with Ted, I was struggling with finding employment in my field as a writer after having moved to a new locale.  When Ted found out how much I loved horses, he suggested that I get involved with them in some way.  Well, I began taking riding lessons, working at several horse farms, and then finally up and moved to Kentucky last year. Upon my arrival I found work at one of the finest Thoroughbred farms in the world for four months before being hired as a writer by The Blood-Horse, the industry’s most respected and widely read weekly magazine.

I would never have been able to do this without Ted’s help. I think it was the fact that he made me feel that the thought of spending my life around horses was just as reasonable as doing anything else. It sounds simple, but at the time, it was a huge leap. He took a stance for me living up to my passion and intuition.
– Pete Spanos, Writer, Lexington, KY

“Ted’s approach is: No nonsense. Empowering. Safe. Practical. Fun! Coaching is the ideal support. It is like having an ideal parent, encouraging athletic coach, skilled therapist, brainstorming resource, and good friend all wrapped in one. It keeps you focused on your dreams and goals. Now that I’ve done it – and gotten so much out of it, whenever I get off track and feel I’m lost in my professional or personal life, I call my coach – and through the coaching process I am back on track in a short amount of time – and usually in a place that far exceeded my expectations of what was possible”.
C.B., Recruiter, Cambridge, MA

“Coaching has allowed me to clarify my values and goals, but most importantly has allowed me to align my actions towards these values and goals. This has led to a more fulfilling life in that my actions are congruent with my life purpose. Coach Ted has the unique ability to gently guide his clients away from the trivialities in life towards the bigger picture. With the Big Picture in mind, strategies, actions and challenges move you in a productive and rewarding direction.

Coaching facilitates working “on” your life and not “in” your life. The concept of “Creating Your Future” through a facilitated, friendly and professional relationship produces results for anyone willing to challenge and maximize their unique potential in pursuit of their believed destiny.”
Tom Fleming, Executive Director, Business Network International, Tampa, FL

“Ted is very attentive, reliable and efficient. He got me to be clear when I was vague and gave me useful exercises to do. He kept after me to do the tasks I agreed to do which helped keep me on track. He is very upbeat and supportive and gave me lots of encouragement and positive feedback”.
Terri Goldberg, Environmental Association Manager, NEWMOA/IMERC, Boston, MA

“What can I possibly say about the life transforming experience of working with a coach as talented as Ted? He helped me to both uncover and give voice to the values that drive my decisions, helped me notice when I was (and wasn’t!) honoring those values, and patiently nudged me back on track when I veered from my stated intentions. My work with Ted truly helped to change the path of my life!”
Matt Aspin, Training & Development Manager, ECU|Centerpoint, Seattle, WA

“The visualization work Ted has supported me with has helped me focus on the impact I want to make on the world and how it will feel for me to make that impact. It’s increased my motivation to get through some of the tasks that I previously found difficult to do. Ted’s easy manner puts me at ease to tell my truth, even when it means putting down the mask that hides the fears and anxieties of facing challenges. Coaching is a place to focus on what’s holding you back from being fully present, from creating the life you want and helping mold the world into a positive place for us and generations to come”.
Mary Radu, MS, MSW, Owner, Pathmaker Coaching/Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife, St. Helena, CA

“What a pleasure in today’s rushed world to have one-half hour each week devoted to my life, my goals, my desires and wishes and, sometimes, my disappointments. Coaching with Ted has opened my eyes to all aspects of my life and is helping me create the balance I need.”
JoAnn Buck, Broker/Associate, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Sarasota, FL

“If you’re looking at your career and life, I can not say enough about the impact of working with Ted to refine, create, imagine and strategize changes and new directions. He has had a significant impact on my life and on my career – and the changes have been long-lasting. He has both a great ear and a great brain – hears what I haven’t said and helps me to connect to what’s important. He is personable, has high integrity and gets great results. If you’ve ever considered using a coach, this is the man.”
Lisa Dennis, President, Knowledgence Associates, Cambridge, MA

“Working with Ted has given my life the jumpstart it sorely needed. I started out thinking I just needed to find a job to pay my expenses, but in the course of working with Ted, I realized that my life dream of being a working artist had been ignored for quite a few years. We’ve explored ways to make that happen and get my life back on track toward the kind of life I want to be living. In the meantime, Ted has been extraordinarily helpful with the practical issues of navigating the world of job interviews and negotiations. Ted is very generous, supportive, and easy to talk with. I have more work yet to do, but with Ted’s guidance I have no doubt that I will find my path…I am already on my way.”
Naomi R., Artist, Web Designer and Educator

“Ted has all the right questions to force reflection upon actions or lack thereof. He asks for commitments to action each week and keeps a record for follow-up. Ted doesn’t miss much. In my mind, he embodies the Four C’s: A coach with commitment, concern and concentration.”
John Epeneter, CPA/PFS and Certified Financial Planner, Maynard, MA.

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